How to Grow Urban Churches – Paul Chan and Francis Chan

World Impact has an exciting new vision to grow urban churches, and the idea was birthed out of the Bay Area of Oakland and San Francisco. Paul Chan (brother of Francis Chan) is the director for World Impact Bay Area, and he has been developing a model to allow suburban churches assist in the growing […]

Christian enters squatter house (Homeless)

Ya, we’ve seen all the videos entitled “If you’re a Christian, you better watch this video!” Or “One video every Christian should watch.” Well we at enoch magazine try to show a different side of Christianity…a side that we see over and over in the Bible- which is to love the poor.

How Can Churches Help Homelessness?

We all called to serve the poor. Bryan Fellers took this seriously, quit his job as a senior pastor and went to work at Hope Faith Ministries with the homeless in Kansas City, Missouri. Bryan shares how churches can help the homeless

The Forgotten Church – Christmas Outreach in Enid, OK.

The name says it all. Either the church has “forgotten” how to reach the community, or the community has simply forgotten about the church. Regardless, Jeremiah and Sarah have seen significant results just with the first few outreaches and events they’ve done. The Forgotten Church is a way for churches to get off the pews and out into the community. It’s a way to unite churches in a town and start serving the poor. Contact Sarah at and see how you can do the same in your community.

Fried Turkeys in Skid Row, Los Angeles

Enoch Magazine moves to Skis Row Los Angeles and documents a group of kids choosing to sleep with the homeless on Thanksgiving Eve. In this video you can see what Skid row looks like at night, and how many people are sleeping on the street. The participants of “Camp Jesus,” express their thoughts on what it’s like to be homeless.

Forgotten Ministries – Enid, Oklahoma

God is moving in Enid Oklahoma, a town an hour and a half from Oklahoma City. Watch this video and learn how over 15 churches have partnered with Forgotten Ministries to change the way the ministry is done in rural Midwest America. This ministry is taking the church mobile with a mobile food pantry, clothes closet, and bus that transform into a stage with a grill on the back. Their goal is to unite all 128 churches in the rural town of Enid, Oklahoma and change the way kingdom ministry is done.

Seminary for Homeless, Recovery Addicts & Urban Poor

The Urban Ministry Institute (TUMI), a expansion ministry of World Impact, offers a seminary level education to the Urban Poor. World Impact Director of the Bay Area, Paul Chan, believes that the best way to train urban leaders is to offer them affordable and quality seminary level education. Most people wishing to go to Seminary are first required to go to a four year college. On top of that, the price to go to seminary is very unrealistic for a poor man or women living in the inner city.

New Orleans Today – St. Bernard Project

Nearly 100% of New Orleans housing in the Lower 9th Ward and St. Bernard Parish was destroyed by Katrina. Now, 6 years later, much of the damage is still there and less then half of the residents have returned. This video documents The Well Covenant Church (in Corvallis Oregon), when they decided to fly to New Orleans and help rebuild a home. They contacted the St. Bernard Project, a nonprofit organization that rebuilds homes devastated by Katrina, and St. Bernard Project paired them up with a homeowner who lost their home.

Christian Hosoi – Skateboarding’s Miracle

Christian Hosoi is a legend in skateboarding history. He is credited for making skateboarding a huge part of so many people’s lives. Christian Hosoi’s career soared to unmeasurable heights in the 80’s and 90’s. His stardom continued to outshine Tony Hawk, until his reckless lifestyle and escalating drug use landed him in prison.

Now a convicted felon, facing a 10 year sentence for methamphetamine (meth) trafficking, his career was likely over. But freedom found his soul as he committed his life to God behind bars.