Ventura Pastors help migrant workers

“Enoch Magazine travels to Ventura, CA to document a Christian pastor preaching to migrant trailer park communities.” Presented by: Documenting: Embrace Church in Oxnard, CA. Donald Trump’s statements to toughen America’s southern boarder has brought much attention to controversies surrounding: illegal immigrants, illegal aliens, undocumented workers, migrant farm workers; (common terms). If you […]

Silent Planet Interview – Warped Tour 2016

Enoch Magazine had the chance to talk with , the singer of the band Silent Planet (Solid State Records), at Warped Tour 2016 in Dallas, TX. Silent Planet (Solid State Records) is Garrett Russell- Vocals and Screaming Twitter – @TylerCarter4L | Instagram – tylercarter4l Alex Camarena – Drums Twitter – @therettes | Instagram – therettes […]

Issues Interview – Warped Tour 2016

Issues talk about how they prepared more for Warped Tour 2016, how they’ve helped the homeless, the good and bad of bands and social media, and what jobs their parents work.

Bad Seed Rising Interview – Warped Tour 2016

Francheska Pastor, singer of Bad Seed Rising (Roadrunner / Atlantic Records) talked with Enoch Magazine at the first day of the 2016 Vans Warped Tour in Dallas. Francheska tells us about how she keeps stuff to help the homeless in car, her fears of being on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour, and how a band […]

The Maine Interview – Warped Tour 2016

John O’Callaghan (Vocals) and Garrett Nickelsen (Bass) from The Maine (8123 Records) stopped to talk with Enoch Magazine on the 2016 Vans Warped 2016. John and Garret talk about their goals and expectations for being back on Warped Tour, their experiences with the homeless, the poverty they’ve seen in 3rd world countries and how they connect and remain connected with fans in an age that’s overwhelmed with social media.

Volumes Interview – Warped Tour 2016

Volumes (Fearless Records) was kind enough to talk with Enoch Magazine on the very first day of Warped Tour. Volumes share their goals, expectations, and fears about the 2016 Van’s Warped Tour, they desire to not get kicked off the Vans Warped Tour (like they did in 2014), their experience with the homeless and living […]

Avion Roe Interview – Vans Warped Tour 2016

Enoch Magazine talks with Evan Couture (Vocals), Sean Humphrey (Bass), and Jordan Modro (guitar) from Avion Roe (Epitaph Records). Follow @enochmagazine Tweet to @enochmagazine Tweet It was the first date on the 2016 Vans Warped Tour in Dallas, Texas and Avion Roe (Epitaph Records) had the chance to play in front of their hometown crowd. […]

VANNA Interview – Warped Tour 2016 – It’s all about the Fans

Enoch Magazine interviews vocalist, Davey Muise of the band VANNA. Davey Muise talks about his pre show rituals, his Non-Profit Shovel Brand Clothing, the homeless and how the he connects with Vanna’s fans thru social media.

Ghost Town Interview – Warped Tour 2016

Enoch Magazine interviews the band Ghost Town (Fueled by Ramen) and then films their live show. We asked them about their expectations for the tour, useful band regiments, the homeless, Jesus, connecting with fans on social media and their parents’ jobs.