Food Pantry, Free Meal and Coffee Shop Churches

This video sheds light on 4 churches in Northern California (Calabasas County / Nor Cal) that serve the poor and others in their community with smart ministries. One church built an amazing coffee shop, another church serves a free meal each week for poor, homeless elderly and others looking for human interaction. And 2 other […]

Do Churches Really Do This?

There’s a lot of things churches do that people never realize. This church is Southern California started an Auto Ministry to fix people’s cars in the community. It’s a free service they provide and they only ask that you pay for parts.

Enoch Magazine on REVtv EP1

Looking for a new young Pastor, a cool Christian teacher, basically good Christian entertainment? Check out Enoch Magazine and REVtv. Enoch Magazine is located in San Francisco CA. EP1 was shot at Fisherman’s Warf. The new era of Christian Television has arrived.

Enoch Magazine on REVtv EP2

We made these episodes for REVtv featuring our most popular videos. This episode features a Strip Club Outreach based in Las Vegas called JC’s Girls, and an Angola State Penitentiary prison ministry profiling an 88 yr old woman named Dottie from Dallas TX.

Strip Club Ministry?

Enoch Magazine travels to Las Vegas Nevada to document a stripper ministry. This is where women from a local church build relations with strip club owners and bring gifts to strippers while they’re working.

Long Beach Rescue Mission – Helping the Homeless by Changing Lives

The Long Beach Rescue Mission helps the homeless in Downtown Long Beach. They have an Emergency shelter, Women’s shelter, and Men’s Shelter Program. They also run a thrift store to help raise money and give back to the community. They are located just 25 miles from Skid Row in Downtown Los Angeles, the biggest homeless […]

Churches House Homeless Familes – Kingdom Center Ventura

The Kingdom Center in Ventura has a proven model for success. If you ever wondered “how to help the homeless,” then here’s the answer. The Kingdom Center uses the resources of a whole city to end homelessness.

Housing Widows and Orphans – Kingdom Center Oxnard

Enoch Magazine had the privilege of documenting the first Kingdom Center in Ventura CA. Since then, Pastor Sam Gallucci has been given a new building in the city of Oxnard, which he plans on housing homeless women and children. Will Sam be able to unite the churches in Oxnard to pay for this new ministry venture?

Christian vs Westboro Baptist ‘God Hates Fags’ Church

Westboro Baptist Church hates the Gay Community, Most Churches, and Most Christians. Enoch Magazine met up Westboro Baptist at their protest in Long Beach to find if they really knew the Love of Jesus Christ.