Autumn in Repair- Autumn in Repair

Reviewed by Lance Stenhibel It might just be me, but whenever I hear about a new worship CD coming out, I’m not running to the nearest store. I think a good deal of this stems from the fact that, to me, worship music all sounds the same. I know this sounds bad coming from someone […]

Write This Down – Write This Down

Reviewed by Nate Smith Write this down gets the award for the best Album Cover of 2010. The band is surrounded by snow, ice, an amazing car, and a freaking tiger on the cover. Simply Creative and amazing. Write this Down brings the rock straight forward with a mix of pop and hardcore. It has […]

We are the Union – Great Leaps Forward

Reviewed by Nate Smith This is the best record I have heard in years. If Rise Against, Lagwagon, and Less than Jake all blended their records together this would be the end result! “We’re All Dead”, track 1 opens up horns, guitar and heads straight into punk rock that is Mohawk worthy. I can picture […]

I Can Make a Mess Like Nobody’s Business – The World We Know

Reviewed by Nate Smith Ace Enders voice has always been calming and powerful at the same time. On “I Can Make a Mess like Nobody’s Business” new release ‘The World We Know” he does it again with mellow energetic songs that really capture his musical talent. The record begins with “Sleep Means Sleeping.’ The song […]

Sky Eats Airplane – The Sounds of Symmetry

Reviewed by Nate Smith Sometimes a Name can say it all. Sky Eats Airplane definitely fits this mold. We’re looking at here is a electro blend of creative lyrics, double bass pedals, and guitars shredding over this new 3 song ep , “The Sounds of Symmetry.” Let it be known that this ep is a […]

Queens Club – Young Giants

Reviewed by Nate Smith Queen’s Club has put out one of the best releases of 2010, Young Giants. If you’re looking for a little music to spice up your party, then these are your guys. When I first learned these guys signed with Tooth and Nail records, immediate excitement took over. Now the world will […]

dropsci GIANTS – little ONES

written by Carter Theis Here’s a new hip hop album that was sent to me last week from the emcee Paradox. It’s the debut project from the dropsci GIANTS crew, consisting of Common Child (Eugene OR), Jupiter 7 (San Francisco), reSEARCH (Tennessee), and Paradox (Texas). From what I can tell, these guys worked over the […]

The Classic Crime – Vagabonds

Reviewed by Nate Smith I’ve always loved the Classic Crime’s name. Simply because, what in the world is a classic crime? I think that a classic crime consists of crimes that have been repeated over and over in history therefore making it a “classic”. The Classic Crime’s new album “Vagabonds” came with a few surprises. […]

Paradox – Called To Mind

written by Carter Theis When I did the album review for Jupiter 7, I thought that might be the end of my hip hop cd reviews for awhile….but WAIT! One more is coming out of the woodwork. And quite literally in this case with “called to Mind”‘s artwork. Called to mind is by hip hop […]