Abandon All Ships – Geeving

Reviewed by Nate Smith Abandon All Ships brings it heavy. This album can be summed up that one word. These guys are young and talented at what they do. The 3nd track, “Megawacko 2.1,” mixes some aspects of pop music, double bass drum, and screaming vocals. I am willing to bet that somewhere inside of […]

Jimmy Eat World – Invented

Reviewed by Nate Smith I felt bummed at first. After my first listen of “Invented” I wondered where was that classic Jimmy Eat World sound I had grown to love. Their last record was ok and Futures blew my mind. At first it seemed overproduced, lacking creativity, and just a generic rock and roll record. […]

Sky Sailing – An Airplace Carried Me to Bed

Reviewed by Nate Smith Sky Sailing brings the perfect blend of music for a cool crisp summer morning on “An Airplane Carried me to Bed”. The acoustic guitar and voice of Adam young are soothing and relaxing. So grab a cup of coffee and enjoy. The album opens with “Captain of the Sea’ which reminds […]

Nofx – The Longest EP

Whenever Nofx puts out a release I always get excited. They are one band that seems to put out something new for the fans every few months.

Am Taxi – We don’t stand a chance

Reviewed by Nate Smith With the curiosity of the album cover and name I was ready to check out Am Taxi. Little did I know that a great musical surprise would await me. Indie, Punk Rock, garage, you name it, the styles there. It’s innovative, creative and pleasing to my ears. Track 2, The mistake, […]

Margo May – Summerof

Reviewed by Nate Smith Margo May’s voice is soothing, satisfying, and leaves you feeling wonderful. Her debut release “Summerof” is filled with inspiring and heartfelt songs that make Margo May a one of a kind gem. The opening track, “Blue Shoes’ could be the love anthem for any Hollywood Tv Show. Her voice drives the […]

Stephen Egerton – The Seven Degrees of Stephen Egerton

Not many people can’t say they wrote the book on Pop Punk but Stephen Egerton is that guy. He broke on the scene as a guitar player in the 80’s with the southern California band The Descendents and has never looked back. During his time off from recording and producing music in his studio Armstrong Studios in Oklahoma he wrote, played all instruments, and recorded his first solo record. After admitting that singing wasn’t his strong point his wife suggested that he invite all his punk rock friends to help finish the record.

Our Last Night – We Will All Evolve

Reviewed by Nate Smith This record is Heavy. With a mix of screamo, hardcore, punk and metal, Our Last Night brings it so heavy even your mom would be terrified. The easiest way to describe this record would be to take Boys Night Out, Thrice, Thursday, and Matchbook Romance and let them fight it our […]

Anarbor – The Words You Don’t Swallow

Reviewed by Nate Smith I’ve always enjoyed Anarbor. They put on a great live show full of energy, stage presence, and plain fun. We had the chance to interview them on the Take Action Tour last year in Las Vegas and they were the type of guys you’d want to have in your friend circle. […]