Oh Sleeper Interview – Is God Real?

Oh Sleeper’s (Solid State Records) Singer, Micah Kinard had a lot to say on the topic “Is God Real” while out on their latest tour with Norma Jean.

Oh Sleeper – Know What You Believe

Oh Sleeper is a hardcore band. They tour and perform with other bands such as Norma Jean. It should be noted that while the singer of Oh Sleeper, Micah Kinard, is a Christian, the rest of the band is not.

The Darlings Interview

The Darling (Gadsen Records) are a blend of Americana meets Punk Rock. They hail from Southern California and gave one of the most enjoyable Interviews Enoch Magazine has ever done. From Skateboarding, magicians, homelessness, religion, and the white house they cover it all. We caught up with them at the end of their 2 month tour with Face to Face.

August Burns Red – Creation vs Evolution

It seems whoever we talk with they love August Burns Red (Solid State Records). At Warped Tour 2011, they were quite the buzz and put on of the best sets we had the chance to see. We had the chance to talk with Brent Rambler, guitarist of August Burns Red (Solid State Records), in Pomona, California.

Relient K – Warped Tour, Jesus and Depression

Warped Tour is a summer tour presented by Vans Inc. During the Warped Tour, Enoch Magazine interviewed Matt Theissen and Matt Hoopes from the Christian rock band Relient K. Along with Brian Pittman, Theissen and Hoopes co-founded the band in 1998 during their junior year of high school. Matt Theissen is the lead singer for […]

Enter Shikari Interview with Rory and Rou

Enter Shikari (Hopeless Records) traveled all the way from England to join the entire 2011 Warped Tour. They bring a mix of Punk Rock, Dub-Step, and synthesizers all rolled up in one to create a sound that your ears have never heard. Enoch Magazine had the chance to catch up with them as they talk […]

Black Veil Brides – Jesus, religion and homelessness

Enoch Magazine travels to Warped Tour 2011 and interviews metal band Black Veil Brides (BVB). Nate Smith of EnochMagazine.com interviews Black Veil Brides singer Andy Biersack, and bass player Ashley Purdy. These makeup covered rockers, sporting leather, lace, metal studs and spikes, are from L.A. The band just released their second new album Set The […]

The Wonder Years Interview with Josh Martin

The Wonder Years (Hopeless records) bring some of the most honest lyrics you’ve ever seen in Punk Rock Music. They play fast, loud and make pop punk seem like so much fun. While at the 2011 Warped Tour in Pomona California, Nate was stoked to have the chance to interview Josh Martin (bass and vocals) […]

Of Mice and Men Interview with Austin Carlile

Enoch Magazine travels to Warped Tour to interview the bands. At some point in the interview, every band was asked what their perception of Jesus was. Austin Carlile, singer of the band “Of Mice and Men (Rise Records),” was asked this same question about Jesus. However, he gave an answer that was quite different from many of the other bands’ responses.