Anti-Flag Interview – “Politics, Religious People, Punk Rock”

Enoch Magazine interviews Pat Thetic, drummer of Anti-Flag and all around great guy. Pat answers questions about drumming, his experiences with the homeless, his thoughts on Jesus and religious people, punk rock music and the message or persona that is Anti Flag.

We Are The Ocean – Haunted Recording Studio and Fried Slice!

As we were preparing for our band interviews on the Vans Warped Tour, we noticed this band called We Are The Ocean. To us, that was the oddest band name we had ever heard. We looked up their website and watched some of their music videos. The name was just so odd, we thought they […]

Matt Toka Interview – 666, Jesus, and Punk Rock Music

Punk Rocker Matt Toka, singer of songs “Say10,” and “666” chats with Enoch Magazine about Music, Homelessness, Religion, Jesus vs Satan, Howard Stern and what life is like on the Vans Warped Tour. Matt Toka also shares with us the experiences he had on Skid Row Los Angeles when making his video “Get Money.” Matt […]

For Today Interview – “Music & the Spirit Realm”

Enoch Magazine traveled to Ventura CA for the Vans Warped Tour 2012 to interview hardcore band For Today. Singer Mattie Montgomery and guitarist Ryan Leitru showed up to discuss: where they are musically, living in different states, and their process for writing music. However, after witnessing Mattie preaching to the crowd…

Miss May I – Vans Warped Tour 2012 – Angels, Demons & Papa Smurf

Vans Warped tour 2012 update / interview: Enoch Magazine bought up with Levi Benton, singer of the band “Miss May I,” MMI. This rare interview covers: Levi’s beliefs in spiritual things, why Miss May I continues to tour on the Warped Tour 2012, and what experience Levi has had with a homeless man named Papa Smurf.

All Time Low -Warped Tour 2012 – Non-Profits, Religion, Music

Enoch Magazine travels to the VANS Warped Tour 2012 to interview Jack, the guitarist in All Time Low. In this 2012 Interview, Jack discusses: how his band was birthed at Warped Tour, his Greek Orthodox upbringing and belief in Jesus, current tastes in music and the Non-Profit organizations (Invisible Children and Skate for Cancer) that […]

Taking Back Sunday – Interview Warped Tour 2012

Enoch Magazine traveled to the VANS Warped Tour 2012 to compile rare interviews with great bands like Taking Back Sunday. Taking Back Sunday’s spokesman was Shaun Cooper, the bands earlier bassist, who has now since returned. This interview is different than most interviews you will watch because Enoch Magazine asked Shaun questions about: religion, Jesus, […]

We Came As Romans Interview – Are they Christian?

Joshua Moore took the time to chat with Enoch Magazine and answered the question everybody wants to know. Are We came as Romans a Christian Band?

Blood On The Dance Floor – Satan, Religion and Music

Jayy Von Monroe (vocalist of Blood on the Dance Floor) talks about being a Satanist, doing charity work, and his experiences with the Homeless.