We Are The Ocean – Haunted Recording Studio and Fried Slice!

As we were preparing for our band interviews on the Vans Warped Tour, we noticed this band called We Are The Ocean. To us, that was the oddest band name we had ever heard. We looked up their website and watched some of their music videos. The name was just so odd, we thought they might be super weird or play their instruments underwater. When non of that came true, we continued combing through the lists of bands to interview at Warped Tour.

As luck would have it, the publicist for We Are The Ocean was quite aggressive. She noticed we were doing video interviews and she brought the band over to our media location. We had no idea who they were…or why they were there until they said “We Are WE ARE THE OCEAN!” It was too perfect. We mic’d them up, and never asked them about their band name.

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