Scotland Skateboard EP 1-5

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Enoch Magazine went to Scotland. Carter Theis, Daniel Libby and Alex Brownley flew up there to hook up with skateboarder/missionary David Reasbeck, (or REZ-BEK). David was already working on a newly formed skate church with some other missionaries from Globe Missions. We spend 10 days there hanging with the local kids, interviewing them and filming them skate. I wish we could go back…and if anyone reading this is interested in helping the skate ministry up there, please contact Bob and Melissa Hill in Scotland (contact me and I’ll give you their email). They need alot of help still!


[tab:Scottland – EP 1]

David Reasbeck is in Scotland and explains where he’s staying and why God has him there. Local ripper Brandon Ide is the featured skater in this episode.

[tab:Scottland – EP 2]

David Reasbeck is doing Skateboard Missions in Scotland. He explains how kids will and will not be reached. We get to see inside the "Deeper" skatechurch that meets every Thursday at Unit 23 Skate Park. Grant Jollyman and Brandon Ide share their impressions of pro skaters Richard Mulder and Chad TimTim. Documentary filmer, Alex Brownley, ended up skating on the trip so he gets the second spot on the film.

[tab:Scottland – EP 3]

Enoch Magazine took a trip to Scotland last summer to document David Reasbeck, a skateboard missionary that was living over there. These videos contain interviews with Dave, skateboarding sessions and local kids we met while we were up there and discussions about the skate church that was started there, called "deeper." This video series was filmed by Alex Brownley and Dan Libby. Dan also edited all these videos! Watch the rest of the videos:

[tab:Scottland – EP 4]

This is the fourth video of a series of videos from Scotland. Enoch Magazine went there to cover Skateboard Missionary David Reasbeck. This video was filmed by Alex Brownley and Dan Libby. Dan is the editor of this series. THANK YOU DAN.

[tab:Scottland – EP 5]

David Reasbeck is a skateboard missionary who travels around the world. While in Scotland, Enoch Magazine traveled there to document his work and hang out with his local friends. David and the local missionaries from Globe Missions are involved in building a skatechurch there called “Deeper.” This episode deals with the concepts of loving people and taking them as they are, and features local skater and all-around great guy Andy Smyth.

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    dude david reasbeck is such an amazin man of god i meat him through my youth parstour ans i spent the day skate and tallkn with the guy my life will neva be the same he gave me a word from god at the right time if u eva get a chance to here him preach the word do it man . hes such grate man of god 🙂

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