Small Churches Doing Big Things

The Evangelical Covenant Church is the fasted growing denomination in the US. They have over 800 churches, and are adding more each month. Ministry is one of the things that seems to set them apart from other denominations. Almost every Covenant Church has a strong desire for missions, local ministry and embracing a multi-ethnic community, along with preaching the Gospel. This video displays Covenant Churches offering meals, clothing and a food pantry to their community

The first Covenant Church was started in Seattle by Swedish immigrants in 1889. They used their church for both preaching and ministry, and strove to reach new cultures, such as Americans, Chinese and Alaskans. Today, Covenant churches, especially small ones, continue to serve their community in ministry and unite ethnic cultures by offering meals, clothing and food pantries. No church is too small to make a big impact in their community. These four small churches from Calaveras County share how they are attending to needs in their community and offering love in the name of Christ.

Produced by The Pacific Southwest Conference

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