Of Mice and Men Interview with Austin Carlile

Enoch Magazine travels to Warped Tour to interview the bands. At some point in the interview, every band was asked what their perception of Jesus was. Austin Carlile, singer of the band “Of Mice and Men (Rise Records),” was asked this same question about Jesus. However, he gave an answer that was quite different from many of the other bands’ responses. Austin Carlile (singer) also tells a story about recording a song reflecting his experience with a homeless man. The name “Of Mice And Men,” (OMAM) comes from the book Of Mice And Men, in which a critical sentence from the story reads: “the well laid plans of mice and men often falter.” Austin Carlile credits the name of his band to this phrase, which suggests you’re plans in life often can get screwed up. But you have to make the most of what you can.

Of Mice And Men (Rise Records) is not a “Christian” band, nor does it appear that Austin is an outspoken Christian when it comes to his beliefs. But the smile on his face and passion in his response is to be commended. The band, Of Mice And Men (Rise Records) originated in Costa Mesa California. They are classified Post Hardcore and Metalcore.

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