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Nearly 100% of New Orleans housing in the Lower 9th Ward and St. Bernard Parish was destroyed by Katrina. Now, 6 years later, much of the damage is still there and less then half of the residents have returned. This video documents The Well Covenant Church (in Corvallis Oregon), when they decided to fly to New Orleans and help rebuild a home. They contacted the St. Bernard Project, a nonprofit organization that rebuilds homes devastated by Katrina, and St. Bernard Project paired them up with a homeowner who lost their home.

Volunteers from the Well Covenant Church were introduced to local resident Marcel Rivera. His house and community had been destroyed by the flood waters. Although the house was still standing, everything including the roof needed to be rebuilt or remodeled. Marcel’s house was located (according to St. Bernard Project) in one of the most dangerous places in New Orleans. Murders, crack houses and crime surround his humble home. Yet Marcel loves his community despite it’s struggles and sees great opportunity for change. Unlike many others, Marcel refuses to leave because he says, “There’s too much opportunity to help others.”

Organized and Produced by The Well Covenant Church:

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