MXPX Live Show and Interview EP 1

Enoch Magazine was given the opportunity to hang out with MXPX and film a concert they did at a venue called The Foundry in Joplin, MO. It was kinda off the map for us and on our way there, we stopped off to get some gas and view the local Amish! We tried to sneak some video of them, but they were totally staring at us and some of them actually looked kinda bad-a$$. So no Amish b-roll in this video.

Nate Smith was the original guy we had planned to interview the band, but he had a last minute scheduling issue. So Nate flew to Guatemala to do missions work, and we had to recruit Joel Maslin to do the interview. Joel was first featured in our original Skid Row trailer and has since been a part of all our Skid Row trips. MXPX was very patient with us and all three members did the interview, which was really cool. So stay tuned (or sign up on our e-mailer) as we will be making more videos from this event.

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to “MXPX Live Show and Interview EP 1”
  1. joel says:

    you have a typo. so nate flew to guatemala to do missions work, and we gladly decided to get joel maslin to do the interview. We had to, very funny! anyways great job on the video carter.

  2. Carter says:

    Whoops, sorry I missed that. “So Nate flew to Guatemala, which was actually better, cause he’s terrible at interviews…and plus the ladies love Joel, and since 80% of our viewers are women, we decided to go with the real deal Evander the Holy Fields!”

  3. jeff says:

    episode 1? does this mean there will be a follow up?

  4. Carter says:

    Yes, We spent the day with MXPX, did a 30 min interview with the band and then filmed their whole show, so we will put out probably two more episodes containing the rest of the interview as well as two more live songs.

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