Harbor Church – Shut down for helping homeless

THe police were sent to this church to make sure they stopped having week-day services. This happened in Ventura CA where there are many homeless. Pastor Sam Gallucci of The Harbor Church felt a special calling to help the homeless of Ventura. He not only saw their need for food and clothing. He also saw their need for spiritual guidance and loving support – as many churches offer to those who are not homeless.

Well you guessed it…the city was called in because the residents didn’t like seeing homeless walking to the church. They would rather the church shut down and force the homeless to stay out of the neighborhood. Enoch Magazine went on multiple occasions to The Harbor Church but never witnessed any homeless being innappropriate or doing anything illega while walking to the church. BTW, if any person in the world does something illegal, you’re allowed to call the cops. But the locals’ hearts were hardened and they seemed to care more about property value than a person who has been left behind and abused by society. They attacked the pastor personally and filed city complaints that were not back up proof or eye witness.

We at Enoch Magazine stepped in to make this video. We hope it helps the Harbor with thier legal battle. We hope it convicts the people of Ventura who have ordered this church to close. We hope it encourages other ministries to start in churches like this.

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