Hands Like Houses Interview – Bible Dad

Enoch Magazine travels to the VANS Warped Tour to interview Australian rock band Hands Like Houses. In this interview, with singer Trenton Woodley and guitarist Matt Cooper, we ask what keeps them going day after day, city after city. WE then find out when Trenton and Cooper’s love for music began. Followed by what their parents did for a living. Trenton reveals that his Dad works for The Gideons! The Gideons are famously credited for placing Bibles in hotel rooms around the world!

Later find out that the band made a wrong turn in Los Angeles and drove through Skid Row where all the homeless people are. Then we tough on the topic of religion, and ask what their “perception of Jesus is.” Trenton explains that Hands Like Houses is commonly asked if they are a Christian band or associated with Christianity. Turns our both musicians grew up in families that attended church.

Interview is shot and edited by Enoch Magazine. Live concert footage is featured throughout the interview.

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