David Reasbeck’s Scotland Skateboard Ministry Promotional Video

Enoch Magazine traveled to Scotland to meet up with our friend David Reasbeck. He has dedicated his life to spreading the gospel through skateboarding. This video will help him raise support and hopefully inspire more skate churches around the world.

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to “David Reasbeck’s Scotland Skateboard Ministry Promotional Video”
  1. Hilda Donnachie says:

    Was fortunate to meet David on his many visits to Scotland through my church ‘His Family Church’. Great guy and now consider him to be a good friend. He is indeed a wonderful person, very faithful to the Lord and has a very unique way in reaching the youth. Have been to Deeper and the kids really listen to David and he has a way of connecting with them. Has been wonderful to watch Deeper grow and see so many youngsters come to the Lord. Our God is an awesome God, and this is proof. May David long continue to be blessed in all that he does in the name of our Father.

  2. Steve-o-Reno says:

    Skateboarding crowds can be some of the greatest skeptics as I have seen. I think it’s because they are very independent and street smart. They don’t fall for the corner-side, fire and brimstone ministries. You gotta relate with them or your word means jack.

    David Reasbeck is a true hero and inspiration. He takes his passion of skateboarding and God and creates a believable ministry.

  3. that was really rad…keep up the good work..

  4. Carter says:

    Thanks Darren! Can’t wait to get your feature story out for our next issue. Darren Wells runs KKSM (King of Kings Skateboard Ministry. Check them out at http://www.kksm.org and read about their trip to New Zealand.

  5. Matty Fresh "barista of charlotte" says:

    that’s really something, skateboarding has always been known as the punk rebels sport, but its so good to see the ‘word’ reaching even scenes such as this! ~matthew brothers, charlotte, nc

  6. Angie Voss says:

    Dear Carter,
    This clip brought tears to my eyes.
    It’s artistically presented with amazing skateboarding and a positive message about God.
    Keep up the great work Carter.
    We’re behind you and love you,

  7. Vicki H. says:

    So good to see this in the UK, so refreshing.
    We desparetly need this in Liverpool!

    Thankyou for posting this btw!

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