Paul Chan – Oakland Eye Clinic

Enoch Magazine travels to Oakland California with World Impact Dir. Paul Chan. Paul has been the director of World Impact Bay Area, which includes both World Impact San Francisco and World Impact Oakland for the past 8 years. Being actively involved with both the Asian church community and the residents of West Oakland, Paul Chan found a way to unite both cultures. He and surrounding churches organized a free, week long, eye screening clinic, for the residents of West Oakland. This eye clinic is made possible, simply because many of the church members in the Asian community had an optometrist background.

In this video, Paul Chan discusses the importance of meaningful sacrifice and points out the enormous level of work and time these churches went through to serve the people of west Oakland. Serving the poor, homeless, disenfranchised and forgotten is a goal for many churches today, however, many churches don’t know exactly what they can or should do. These churches acted on what they had. Their congregations were made up of optometrists, doctors and people already active in the medical field. So equipment, legality and support were already at hand!

Also featured in this video is the original musical scoring by pianist Matthew Fisher. (Thank YOU Matt!)

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  1. Betty Mazer says:

    Hey Carter! Awesome beautiful to see Christ at work through you and the volunteers .Lifting up all in prayer and thanksgiving. Betty & Mike Mazer

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