JC’s Girls Stripper Outreach Videos 1-3


Written by Lance Steinhibel

Before I even start to tell you what this video is all about. I have to start off with saying that this was one of the most eye opening, and amazing nights of my life. We had the opportunity to interview Heather Veitch, and her team of women called JC’s Girls. Heather is a former stripper living in Las Vegas. But since she became a Christian, she and s few other women at her church have formed “JC’s Girls,” and outreach geared toward inviting strippers to their church. To some their ministry may seem wrong, or worthless. But it’s rare when I get to meet a group of people that are so passionate about what God has called them to do. They are truly loving the ones that the church, and even the world has turned its back on. Once a month, Heather and her team go to the Olympic Gardens strip club in Las Vegas, where they pass out gifts, cards and decorate the backstage dressing room and lockers. They love the ones that are not loved…

Now for those of you that know Nate, and myself or have heard some of our stories. You know that we have tried many different ways to show people the love of God. We have been to our fair share of places the church has seemingly turned its back on. So after hearing Heather’s story, we were challenged by her and God to get even MORE out of our comfort zones. This lead to one of the most interesting, and slightly awkward ministry opportunities that I will ever have in my life.

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  1. Edward Applebee (a friend of a friend) says:

    This is the first I’ve heard of anyone from a church doing something like this. I think churches hate people like strippers.
    – E

  2. Carrie says:

    God is good:) We are called to love as JC loves and to be the light in the dark, and that is what Heather and JC’s girls are doing. May they be blessed in all things.

  3. Patti H says:

    What an amazing ministry to the ladies of the strip clubs. There but by the grace of God go I! you put a face on these ladies, you are giving them dignity and simply being Jesus to them. thank you for sharing your story (not sure of her name – lady in green), your story is a powerful testimony of God’s power to redeem and to rescue.

    I pray that the Lord will increase favor with you and your team. i know that the work that you are doing is profound and I believe you will see fruit as well as see ladies set free.

    In His Grip of Grace!

  4. Sharon M says:

    This is the most honest and fair interview that I have ever seen with JC Girls. Thank you so much! I am just beginning my ministry in Toledo Ohio and I am so inspired by this video, not just because of what they are doing (I already knew that) but because you have supported and encouraged and helped shed light on the love of Christ! Thank you!!!


  5. Stephen says:

    Incredible story! Lance, Nate, Heather…the rest of the ladies…I’m praying for continued blessings from a heavenly Father that really, REALLY knows that you’re doing His will! Wow…I am so moved!


  6. Lizzy says:

    WOW this is AMAZING!

    You can really tell that Heather is a follower of Christ… I am amazed! I will continue to pray for this ministry and support it as well as Enoch magazine… Phenomenal…

  7. Carrie says:

    that is amazing. especially lance and nate going into the male strip club. that must have been so hard and nerve racking. its so cool to see god working in places like strip clubs. thats exactly who jesus focused the most on and christians forget to love so easily. its encouraging to see christ using heathers ministry

  8. CArrie S. says:

    LOVE it=) Myself and a team of women do this here in Canada as well. Once a month we head to strip clubs and the streets, covering a differant area each time. GOD is good and more christains need to step out of their comfort zones and do what Jesus Himself would be doing.

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