Girl Sells Virginity to Highest Bidder!!

Written by Nate Smith

It’s not often I find something in society that sickens my heart and mind. In the United States we live in a country where sex and money drive people in life. Hollywood is all about the idea of getting sex and making money. Most of the time I can handle the constant crap Hollywood and the media throws at me and I look for a positive message. But this is shocking! 22 year Natalie Dylan (that’s her stage name) announced to the world that she would be selling her virginity to the highest bidder. Although prostitution is illegal, the sale will be going down at a legal brothel in Nevada. It just so happens that her sister works at this brothel. She already has undergone a lie detector test and medical examinations to prove that she is not lying and is truly a virgin. When this idea came to mind she tried to sell herself on Ebay but they rejected her offer. It’s good to know there is some things you can’t actually sell on Ebay.

The irony of the entire auction is the reason behind Natalie’s virginity sale; to pay for her grad school. Just recently she graduated from Sacramento State College where she wants to get a masters in Marriage and Family Therapy with the money from the auction. So far the brothel has confirmed bids ranging from $1 to $3.6 million dollars. Is a persons virginity worth nothing more than the almighty dollar? This girl is selling sex and becoming famous for it and the hype only helps to make the bids higher. So one might say she’s doing it for a good cause and its a one time deal- but come on. What morals does this girl hold that tell her it’s ok to sell your body. Based upon our societies reaction the message their sending is it’s ok to sell your body for sex as long as its a good cause.

The hype that fuels this story adds to the sickness growing in my stomach. The media continues to bring this girl into the spotlight. With appearances on the Howard Stern Show and Tyra Banks Show the frenzy is only propelled. So in light of this article I’ll share what it means to me. I had sex in high school when I was 17. I was a Christian and I did not wait until I was married but I really meant to. It’s hard and with the pressures of the beautiful female body I caved in. It was a few years after 17 that I could fully understand that sex is about maturity and love and if your a Christian waiting until marriage. Now I’m 27 and married to a beautiful wife who waited to have sex.

So, what is this 22 year old girl thinking? Driven by money, she is willing to throw away what she managed to get through college with her virginity. The state of sorrow will continue to consume me as I know some rich man can take away something from Natalie for his pure pleasure just because he offers up the most money. What have we come to? If I had 3 million dollars I would help the homeless in Skid Row, Los Angeles. There is 10,000 to 15,000 homeless people on the streets everyday there.

Watch these videos to learn about the homeless epidemic in Los Angeles. See how Enoch Magazine is trying to make a difference with the homeless on Skid Row!!!

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to “Girl Sells Virginity to Highest Bidder!!”
  1. Carter says:

    The other girl that said “as long as you do it for yourself, then that’s a noble cause,” that’s the exact opposite of enoch magazine. So then the definition of enoch magazine could be: “always serve others cause only God is noble.”

  2. Jonathan says:

    It would be really awesome if a christian would step up and say, “You’re virginity is more important than this. I will pay for your grad school if you don’t go through with this.” Unfortunately I don’t have 4 million dollars.

  3. Daniel says:

    Man that is so sad. I feel really sorry for that girl. She is gunna regret the choice she makes, some random guy she doesn’t know is gunna offer her a large sum of money just to give all of it to the school. That ain’t worth it. Someone needs to start a donation fund for her or somethin before she makes that mistake.

  4. Maria says:

    This is truly revolting. But honestly, a person doesn’t have to be a Christian to view this situation that way. Every single person has morals, good or bad, Christian or not Christian. No matter what religion I am, I’d find this appaling and disrespectful to women by all means.

  5. Tom says:

    you can either work your whole life … or have sex with a stranger for an hour or so

    A person can do whatever they want with there life .. u make choices and suffer the consequences – in this case its $3.6 mil and counting

    u can talk about whats “wright and wrong” all u like , everyone has his opinion
    for me it would be a split second decision.yes.

  6. JK says:

    So, what’s the difference between this and prostitution?
    woman empowerment? please..

  7. kim says:

    i think this is fine, its crazy but what ever works

  8. Jamal says:

    this is cool i will pay 5 mil just gave me a call girl

  9. JAMES says:

    ALL YOU OTHER BIT*#@S(and im only calling you bit%$#s because i do not know you individually) are jsut mad that noone is paying you 3 million bucks to f@$k you

  10. Julio enrique jaramillo says:

    that is a really bad thing to do, poor girl ,she doesn’t know how valuable her virginity is. but lets not be disgusted of her, remember Jesus never felt disgusted by a sinner, he felt disgusted we he saw people that thought they where not sinning. Luke 7:36

  11. Jessica says:

    Who cares?
    It’s HER virginity, she can sell it if she wants. why the hell not?
    She’s going to have to give it up eventually, might as well make some money off of it right?

    I don’t think this is disrespectful to women.. sex is just sex to some people. What if it was a man who was selling his virginity? would that be disrespectful? and if someone is willing to pay her 4 million for 1 night. That’s a pretty good deal. Everyone has a price, is it prostitution? I guess in a way it can be considered prostitution but it’s 4 million, w/e works for her. Don’t judge.

  12. Sunny says:

    Great…….!!!!!! i think its Great……. i think every hot girl should follow that step……….. and any girl want to help for sell his virginity i will help her………..

  13. Reality says:

    It’d be funny if she went through with it and got herpes. I mean seriously, how good fucking game does that sound?

  14. Jeff Strong says:

    Well tom, jk, kim jamal james,jessica, sunny, and reality

    If you name the name of Christ as your savior, the big deal is that it is sin. And the real reality is that the price tag for her $3.6million dollar deal is eternal separation from God in hell. That is and extremely high price to pay for college. Your standing in agreement with her decision also earns you right and privilege to join her there. According to God.

  15. Ross says:

    She said she would make the person take an STD medical check up.

    Whats the difference between selling this and getting a masage and paying someone for it?
    Just think of it as a massage with a chance of orgasm.

  16. Lizzy says:

    Since Jesus hung out with prostitutes he would probably just talk to her directly and love on her, I think the best thing we can do as Christians is show compassion and pray for her.

  17. Lizzy says:

    When we sin we’re always trying to meet LEGITIMATE needs in ways that are independent of God. let’s Pray for God to provide another means for her to pay for her education!

  18. Nate says:

    i wish we could track down this girl and do a follow up. I never heard anymore about it.

  19. amber says:

    I feel that it is sad that finding a virgin among woman today that a man is willing to pay millions. I think if more woman were saving themselves this would not need to happen at all and it wouldn’t. Before we can judge her we must look at the fact that people are wiling to give themselves to someone the barely know to a one night stand for free.

  20. Nate says:

    that is true people forget that. women need to save themselves and men to for marriage

  21. Cleo says:

    Why is it that Christians needs to find a higher meaning in things that don’t always need one? I know that’s a broad generalisation, but going by the consensus of every God-fearing post on here… Would it be so alien a concept to assume that different people hold differing views on morality? That different lifestyles engender different values?
    In any case, Julio Enrique Jaramillo and Jeff Strong, there is no conclusive empirical evidence to support the argument that the bible is indeed the word of God. Most of the New Testament was compiled at the very earliest around 100 years or so after the death of Christ—or around 4 generations later, in terms of life expectancies of the era. Can you give me irrefutable proof that Jesus actually said any of those things? If folk tales are anything to go by (as they are often passed down from one generation to another by word of mouth), a story can be changed not only in form but also in meaning over the course of 100 years.
    I’m not saying Jesus isn’t the son of God. What I am saying, however, is don’t be so judgemental. Don’t tell your mate he’s got a splinter in his eye when theres a log in yours. “According to God”.

  22. Kaitlyn says:

    i say that religion is just plain stupid. it’s just a bunch of fearie tales that never happened. people should and will always be free to make there own decsions. i will never believe that there is a god. marriage costs too much money and the people are never truly happy. religion sucks. if god were real he would have helped everybody get a job and money by now. the bible is a total waste of paper. being an atheist is the best because you don’t have to folow any stupid rules and immoral is just a word that can never affect people.

  23. Jimmy says:

    No offence, but she did it at an older age than you were Nate, and she was mature enough to think for herself when she made the decision. The decision was done because she was in her final year for her degree and wouldn’t have been able to pay for it otherwise. She did it for the greater good and the money she earned helped her ambition to become a doctor.

    A job far better than some zitty, whiny hypocrite who sits on his computer and speculates on how bad everyone else is doing. As a christian you should NEVER bad mouth someone like this, offer to help them or pray for them. As for me, think I’ll go make love with my girl. Oh and I’m not married.. hmmmm aaaah

  24. Well it wasnt recently tthis happened but I read ALL the post– from the far left to the far right and those in between. The guy who is an atheist needs more help than the girl who auctioned off her virginty. Its funny how many made out like it was going to be a long time losing her cherry and the actual act. It was prolly over pretty quick unless the high bidder offered another million for a second go. All I can say is that both my parenst died young- 42 and 44 amd IF they could be brought back to see what the world is like now, they would prolly choose to return to their graves. As for the young lady. I wish she had been my daughter. I got a biracial grandson when she gave hers up- not that Im complaining- it belonged to her but if she received 3.6 mil or more. I think she would have gotten a better deal. Also maybe the girl is Catholic- so she tells the priest, he has her say some hail Marys, wash her vagina with some Holy water and God will forgive her. Even if she isnt Catholic, God will forgive anyone, just ask him for forgiveness BUT U people who try to decide whats right and wrong for other people need to read the good book again as u certainly didnt understand it the first time around. I hope u got 5 mil and complete your eduacation and aIF u want to marry a poor old man, I loved your pic. God Bless

  25. Jim says:

    Wow… these Jesus freaks on here are incredibly annoying. Then again, being in a cult will do that to you… So what, she had sex for money. It’s not like its the first time its ever happened in the history of time. She was an adult and she made a decision that costed her 1 night (that she may have very well enjoyed) and paid out enough money to let her live how she wants for the rest of her life… Man, you guys are right… How dumb was it to gain financial freedom at the age of 22…

  26. SmartGirls says:

    More girls should make this movement to enforce how stupid females really are… Keep up the good work:-)

  27. God Hates You says:

    To the credulous bible-thumpers on this thread:

    Your religion is disease; a destroyer of intellectual acuity. If you desperately seek reprieve from choice, throw yourself off of a bridge.

  28. Gordon says:

    Did this include buttsex or just Her Vaginal virginity. Seems She could run the auction twice, once for her cooch and once for her pooper.

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