Enoch Magazine Homeless Week 1


Written by Carter Theis

The Enoch Magazine team is finally formed into a full-time ministry! How is this possible you ask? Well, it’s complicated. We initially started this magazine to focus on different individuals and ministries as we met them. But we soon felt that we too should become a ministry. We were all passionate about the poor and the forgotten, so homelessness seemed like a good place to start. We flew to Skid Row and began our experiences with serving the poor and trusting in God.

Right now there are 4 of us that have decided to leave everything behind and go where God leads us. We have no funding, but we do have computers, cameras and connections. Our plan is to live in Skid Row and start a Church/Homeless Outreach hub. Our initial expectations of aquiring a building and funding have still not come through. Therefore, we’ve been detained for a week in San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento. Friends have graciously allowed us to stay with them and 2 churches allowed us to speak at their services.

A good friend of mine called to see where I was and what was happening. So I’ve decided to write a weekly update on our travels and experiences. Ultimately our goal will be to create videos each week, so everyone can share in our experiences. But, as i’m finding out, that is easier said than done.

Some may call it “couch surfing” or “living out of a backpack,” but I’m learning that even the mildest form of homelessness can be trying. Just simple things like being able to relax and having a place to keep your stuff are now being missed. Some people would probably enjoy the freedom I’m now faced with day to day. But so far, for me, it’s been pretty confining. Moving from house to house and city to city is fun initially, but it’s really hard to get work done. San Francisco for example, is super hard to find a place to work. In order to run Enoch Magazine, we generally need wifi, electricity, a table, a chair, and coffee. That is a tall order in San fran, where lately i’ve noticed everyone is using coffee shops and bookstores as their personal office space. So good luck finding a table and a power outlet.

This whole Enoch Magazine experience is to be reflected though the videos and articles we publish, so I must find a way to pull this off. But, creating a schedule out of thin air, is hard when you’re surroundings are constantly changing and you don’t have a paycheck or a physical location to keep you committed. I know that these difficulties are nothing compared to what an actual homeless person has to go through. However, I’m learning a tiny fraction of what they must go through each day, simply with the uncertainty of “what comes next.”

So there it is, week one through my eyes. No building in Skid Row, or rather, no funding to get a building. But during this week, we got to speak at two different churches, connect with old friends and learn that even the simplest things like having a place to edit videos and proof read articles is not as easy as it once was. God has taken care of us with money, food and shelter. The church we spoke at in Sacramento made a financial donation to our ministry and bought alot of our enoch t-shirts. They let us stay in their homes and even provided us with meals, Our friends in San Francisco also provided us with food and safe places to stay. The Oakland Church also fed us and bought our t-shirts! In my opinion, God has basically given us what we need when we need it.

Next week will be interesting as we head down to Skid Row, sleep out on the streets and decide where we should stay while the building remains uncertain.

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  1. Melissa says:

    I saw your video on skid row and it was very touching. seeing how well you talked to, helped, and served the homeless people out on skid row really inspired me. Is there any way I may help do the same thing? In addition, it was very touching on how the guys riisked getting wet to help feed the homeless and how the girl sewed the ripped tent for hours .

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