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Written by Carter Theis

We got an email through Youtube and I was blown away at how long and thought out it was. I wrote back to this person, since they spent the time to write such a thoughtful and lengthy email. I tried to answer their disbelief in God with a mini testimony of myself. I’m not sure it helped, but you can read the email exchange below. This person’s concerns and afflictions toward God are very common in our society today and I don’t think I do a good enough job interacting on these specific issues. I chose to post this because I wanted to see if anyone else has had similar experiences on this level of spiritual debate and what is the best response? — Carter

Re: enoch magazine skid row video
After reading the bible, don’t you find it hard not to see your GOD as a big bully? It’s likely that you have the same faith as your parents as other people around the world have adopted their parent’s beliefs and you all think that your belief is the right 1. The God of the bible Yahweh sure is a jealous God. He forbids the worship of any other God and the punishment for betraying him is death. Can’t forget about poor Isaac and the game he played with him. Though he intervened at the last second to save his life, well it’s still a bad prank to play. What about killing all the men in the village and sparing only the virgin women so that the Christian murderers may keep them for themselves to do as they wish. Can’t see why an omnipotent God would create people in his image that are far from perfect and then blame us for his mistake. Obviously the God of the bible is incompetent. 9 planets in our system and only 1 that has life. Earthquakes, Tsunamis and all that crap included. The Christian churches just a short 50 years ago wouldn’t let black people worship with whites and the bible condones slavery. Saying the God in the bible is a loving God is like saying Islam is a religion of peace. Any God that wants you to pray and worship him is an egomaniac. The churches use fear and guilt to make money and it works. Keep up the good work that you are doing and do it for the sake of doing good and not for spreading the cancer of religion around. I recommend you watch ROOT OF ALL EVIL ( Richard Dawkins ) on youtube if you have an open mind. Thank you for your mail.

Dear (I inserted their name here),
I understand what you are saying. The reason i chose to seek God even after all the stuff you mentioned (like being a bully, and death and games and pranks)…is I finally got to a point where i was annoyed with everything and dissatisfied. I realize that most Christians have similar sob stories where they say everything wasn’t fulfilling, and they wanted something “better.” But whatever, there’s two things that made me seek God, even though all that stuff above is real and detours many from God.

1) if there is a God and he is a bully, what can you do about it? He’s God. That sounds stupid, but the fact is he is actually God and I say this to you NOT to “battle” you or argue, but to tell you is FULL TRUTH, caring about you even though we will never meet, he is God.

2) So, the second part of my quest to seek God was “why does the world hate God?” Most people think of Christians are brainwashed “followers” right? For me, it’s the opposite. Look, I’ve been a Snowboarder for 20 years and Dj for 15 years, I went to film school, art school and I dated rad chicks from time to time…I’m not an idiot or a “follower.” I look at it the opposite way: “Why are so many people trying to keep God away from me?” and not just the atheists and anti-god types, but the televangelists and the judgmental and hateful Christians…they too play a huge part in keeping God away from me, or at least making him seem attractive and/or loving.

So, knowing everything in the email you mentioned above, I decided to prove the only Bible verse i can remember which is “He who seeks will find.” That’s a promise in the Bible. He who seeks God will find him. So the proof of whether God exists or not is offered in this introductory verse.

The catch is, you actually have to SEEK him. you can’t set out to have him prove himself to you…cause that’s putting yourself in the “God” role. But just realize that this is real stuff. Your life is super important and you finding God is an awesome journey! Don’t get hung up on what Christians will tell you or argue with you about. Your journey to find God is your’s alone. And that’s what inspired me so much. I saw a huge mysterious journey ahead of me where spirituality, life and death were all real, and that’s where it’s at my friend!

I won’t go on to tell you any of my own personal experiences in finding God, cause they are my experiences and your’s will be different and unique, just as you and I are different and unique. But don’t be discouraged if it seems to take longer than you’d like (hint).

PS, the video you comment on originally…we are moving to Skidrow LA next month, We have no money or place to live but you can stay in contact with us and watch our progress through the videos we put out. and

Hope I didn’t upset you. Have a rad day-

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  1. Brandon says:

    It’s interesting that the topic of your conversation has a lot to do with what I’m writing my book about. The apostle Paul said “I have become all things to all men…” It wasn’t just Paul who adopted that mentality. God does the same thing. Whether you are seeking God or disobeying God, He will do whatever is necessary to show you that He is God. Throughout the Old Testament God did what had to be done to show that He was still in control. Although a lot of it seemed brutal, it was not something unprovoked. God makes no secret of the fact that He is jealous and that He wants to be first. The reason God came off as barbaric in the Old Testament was because sin was being punished. It had not yet been paid for.

    I really enjoyed this article and think your response to this person’s questions were brilliant. Keep up the good work.

  2. Brandon says:

    good stuff

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