Bobby Lee – The Famous Country Boy – EP for Free


This video is the first of many, we hope. One of our goals is to help the residents of Skid Row in sharing their talents and dreams. Bobby Lee wanted the world to hear his voice and we weren’t sure how to proceed with that. But we filmed what we could and released the video and ALREADY recording studios and record labels are asking to record Bobby Lee. We’ll let you know if anything happens…

Downloading Tips: If you are on a mac you’ll need to go through Firefox. Safari doesn’t do it. Just click “Download,” wait for the Quicktime file/bar to load the whole song across. Once the song is completely loaded, select the drop down arrow on the right side of the bar and click “Save Source.” The Quicktime file will be on your desk top and then drag it into itunes.

[audio:Amazing Grace.mp3]

Download Amazing Grace

[audio:Jesus Is Real To Me.mp3]

Download Jesus Is Real To Me

[audio:You Paid The Price.mp3]

Download You Paid The Price


Download Album Cover

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  1. Noel says:

    Awesome singer, record more; god bless you guys are truly the body of Christ!

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