Article – ‘Do Unto Others’ Parking Trick

Written by Carter Theis

Ok, this is one of those “do at your own risk” ideas…but I pulled this off the other day for the first time and it was awesome. I also must admit a I’m a bit surprised it took me so long to invent this kind of maneuver. (Editor’s Note: my mother was concerned that readers may not understand that this is NOT a Biblical article, NOR is it the correct version of the “do unto others” verse…so now you know)

So, you’re driving around a parking garage or a mall or something and the parking is not looking good. You were hoping to find an open spot, but now you’ll settle just for someone walking to their car. Sound familiar? We’ve all been there, but what can we do when a person walks to their car, sees that we’re waiting for their spot and the they take WAY too long to leave…?

I’ve never understood why certain people take their sweet time, knowing that you are holding up traffic waiting for their spot. Usually I’ll just wait it out. I’m not a nut or anything. But last week this one guy took this little “taunting game” over the line. He took way too long to even turn his car on, then when he did, no reverse lights for quite some time. And once he decided to back up, he changed his mind and put the car back in park, not making any attempt to wave me on.

So this is what I now do with these guys: Do unto others an they do unto you. I gave up on the spot and pulled up, assuming he was not going to back out anytime soon. He’s taking his time, so no big deal if I’m now blocking any attempt for him to back out. So I sat there waiting for another spot to open up just beyond him, and once he realized that he couldn’t get out, it was pretty hilarious. He started waving at me and giving dirty looks, but I motioned that I was waiting for a spot just yonder. So he had a little more time to enjoy his coveted spot.

When i decided to move forward and let him out, he knew what was up, and he was not happy he lost that round. Lesson learned.

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  1. Carter says:

    One Footnote: I did watch to make sure the guy left the parking lot before I parked my car. Last thing you want for pulling a rich stunt like this is a confrontation or getting your car keyed..So make sure the dude Exits before you call game.
    – Carter

  2. Courtney says:

    pretty much the best idea I’ve ever heard.
    summertime is so crap in my town, i swear or population jumps from 13 000 to 100 000.
    no parking spots for courtney, ever.

  3. Gertrude says:

    a beatitudinal haiku

    blessed are the meek,
    they’ll inherit parking spots,
    the “keys” you fear: His.

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