We Came As Romans – To Plant a Seed


written by Brock West

So here I am riding the bus through downtown LA, and this woman keeps giving me a dirty look because she can hear the metal even through my headphones. A baby is crying, some guy is trying to get a free ride, every seat is full and people are standing everywhere. Seems like the perfect setting to be listening to We Came As Romans new album “To Plant a Seed.”

This CD seems to be as much a symphony as it is a bunch of kids having fun. Its mass chaos while staying perfectly arranged. “To Plant a Seed” has parts that are so huge you would think it was played by a hundred people. Some parts so subtle that you barely even notice. With this cd they bring out a whole new level of musicianship to the metal scene. This record shows that there is more to heavy music than sweeps and double kick. They have a great balance between screaming and singing that fits into the music perfect.

If this album comes across live the same way as it was recorded, then halfway through the set you will find yourself winded, searching for water, and wishing you had brought a change of pants

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