Thousand Foot Krutch – Welcome to the Masquerade


Written by Brandon Ryan

I met Trevor Mcnevan several years ago when they were just starting to get big in the Christian Music Scene in 2002. A friend and I were exiting the night club and walked up to the bands tour van. Trevor was the first one to greet my friend and I. The band members each took turns signing my canes with a red sharpy, (because my canes were black). For those of you don’t know I have cerebral palsy and at the time I was using canes to walk. The autographs are now faded and those pair of canes are long gong. Trevor, I hope you remember me dude!

Any how, I’ve been spinning TFK (Thousand Foot Krutch) for well over ten years now, and since that night I’ve sensed a connection with the band. Even though Trevor is the only original member, the band has evolved and become more mature and polished in their craft. With their 6th studio album, Welcome To The Masquerade, the band shows no signs of slowing down. This album is epic. It carries a crunchy guitar sounds, and is even blessed with the guitar of Randy Torres from Project 86 on a few songs. The drum skills of Steve Augustine have returned in full effect. That dude is just mad sick on this record. The lead sing, Fire It Up, is used as the trailer song in the new GI Joe movie. I’d have to say that TFK has “Made it” in the music industry.

The new album shows much edge, but yet is wrapped up in so much soul. However, while this album is great, there is a few down moments. Trevor still uses this “Lets get wicked” lyrics which, in all honesty I think needs to stop. Beyond that the collective choice was probably made to change the hit single Bring Me To Life. I first downloaded it from and loved it. It was perfect, nothing needed to be changed. But now it just sounds water downed with production. That really left me twisted, but over all I give this album an 8.9 on a scale of one through ten.

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