The Honesty


Reviewed by Brandon Ryan

First there was the duo of The White Stripes, two people showing the ability to make incredible music without the tremendous need for a band. The Honesty is a brand new duo that brings youthful energy and passion; Tasha GilBreath on vocals and Mikey Davis on bass, guitar and drums. At first listen one would say “Hey, they sound like Paramore or Anberlin,” but I beg the differ. This duo is still running two songs up on their myspace page from their original sampler, but in my eyes, they show an awesome amount of potential. And I don’t think it’s fair to an artist or any band to automatically stick them in the shadows of another.

I’m excited for this duo, and I’d be saddened to see them bring on new members. I would love to see them, step back, breath and not try to sound like anyone else. Just continue pushing the limits of creativity. The Honesty has a EP coming out this spring, which will consist of eight songs produced by Joel Piper, (member of the metal act Confide). Look for it on ITUNES. Don’t be a stranger, go check em out!

The Honesty on Myspace

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