The Almost – Monster EP


Written by Nate Smith

The Almost are awesome. If you haven’t heard them before it’s the side project form Aaron Gillespie, the drummer of Underoath. This fall, they released this ep to coincide with the release of their full length album Monster. This album brings the rock! The first track, “Lonely Wheel,” the lyrics are so heartfelt; Aaron Gillespie belts out a story of emotions. As the first track comes to a close you’re already wanting more. The second track starts off with the lines, “With our hands up high- we’re screaming, Wo oh oh oh oh, wo oh oh oh oh.” It blends melodic guitar with a great chorus. The music is so good it makes me want to pick my guitar up and start figuring out the arrangement. “July” is my favorite track off the ep. The chorus reminds me of an Emery song with a little bit of whipped cream on top. It’s like a desert that was awesome but now it’s gone.

Overall the album is diverse but sticks to the parameters of their previous release. Every chorus is powerful and every lyric is penned with perfection. The full length could only be better. Pick this album up at the nearest Hot Topic or Online at The Almost’s website. The most amazing thing about this ep is if you pick it up at Hot Topic it comes in a case with a blank cd so you burn and download the album from them on November 3rd. It’s good to see bands embracing this new digital world we live in. Maybe this album will set the standard for future releases.

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