Tabitha Lynn



written by Brandon Ryan

Tabitha Lynn is a young and inspiring singer/songwriter/tap dancer from Portland Oregon. I met her just the other day, while having coffee with a really great friend of mine. At first glance she seemed very “at home” in her own personality and skin. She carries inside her a powerful story and a musical talent that in my mind needs to be given quick attention. After talking with her you realize very quickly that she’s not in it for fame or record sales. I could easily tell in her music Tabitha is carrying inside a bridge between her and so many teens searching for love and a life to call their own.

Her first album is called “In The Begining She Planted”. It was recorded in a small Church in Wyoming. The sound quality is actually pretty good, but the main thing that catches my heart is how she crafts her faith into her music. While she is bold, it is still refreshing and will keep the listeners attention. And while her heart floods emotion, the music is in no way manic. It’s fairly up tempo the entire album. I find that her style reflects something one might hear in the movie Juno, or at least something out of a love story. It’s hard to toss her music in any one genre. This album is stripped of any mass production; just one hungry soul with a piano. Tabitha Lynn is sitting on a gold mine, with more fine tuning and sharpening of her skills, she is bound to sweep music lovers off their feet. Until then check out her Myspace Page and enjoy some authentic tunes that will softly move through you.

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  1. Carter says:

    Great review Brandon! Excellently written.

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