Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane

written by Brock West

Switchfoot’s “Hello Hurricane” is different stylistically and bursting with creativity. This album is not your typical Christian rock record. Switchfoot has decided to think outside the box of ordinary and ventured into a much different and diverse area. This album has parts that are smooth and melodic but also parts that are complicated and difficult. “Hello Hurricane” definitely takes a different route than the previous albums cut by this high selling Christian act.

“Enough To Let Me Go” is probably my favorite track on the new album. There is no climax, no build up, no crazy solo or breakdown. It’s just a solid jam that keeps the pace and keeps you interested the whole track.

“Mess Of Me” is an obvious song about the dirtiness of our hearts and how much they need to be changed and cleaned up. This song skips to a 70’s feel and an a dirty tone that fits what the song talks about.

After listening to the album “Hello Hurricane” ten times I find myself a little confused and unsure of what exactly Switchfoot had intended for this latest release. It’s a creative CD with the potential to catch a crowd looking for a more calmed down and gentile style of music. For me personally this album was a letdown and not quite as beautiful as their earlier releases.

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