Sky Eats Airplane – The Sounds of Symmetry


Reviewed by Nate Smith

Sometimes a Name can say it all. Sky Eats Airplane definitely fits this mold. We’re looking at here is a electro blend of creative lyrics, double bass pedals, and guitars shredding over this new 3 song ep , “The Sounds of Symmetry.” Let it be known that this ep is a teaser for their full length which is going to be released in the fall of 2010.

The EP opens with “Motion Sickness,” an intro track that is quite different from the rest of this ep. It begins with a melodic piano intro heading into a vocal driven track with electronic drums. At the 1:40 mark it picks up and by 2 minutes I am convinced of their talent. I would compare this track to a fist fight between Pierce the veil and Ben Folds Five.

Track 2 , “Sounds of Symmetry” opens up with full force. It the brings screaming vocals and within 30 seconds they’ve drawn you in with their intricate guitar. For most of the track the guitar is all over the map and makes me constantly wonder where it’s headed next. This track really reminds me of one of my favorite bands, Boys Night Out.

The third and final track “The Contour” is my favorite track. The guitar lead lines alone draw me in. It’s an interesting mix of hardcore , metal, and rock n roll. Their talent level fully shines through on this song. It has the ability to make any guitar player want to practice more just to be at their level. The bridge breakdown has an orchestra background but swings you right back into the heavy music.

Overall, Sky Eats Airplane, “Sound of Symmetry’ keeps a listening guessing as to what’s coming next. The production quality is great and you can really distinguish the different instruments. The Ep does seem a little short but it leaves me excited for the release of their full length.

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