Skillet – Awake


Written Brandon Ryan

Ever since Skillet came out with the guitar driven album, Collide, they’ve been turning over new leaves. Skillet is like a fine wine; It only gets better with age. They carry on with their new release from Atlantic Records, Awake. It has similar sound to their previous album Comatose, in that it still carries a Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace and Seether feel to it. On the the lead track Monster the back up vocals by the young and beautiful Jen Ledger are amazing. I kept rewinding the track just to hear how beautiful and layered it sounded.

This album is a very radio friendly album, the band will have a lot of success and hopefully number one hits. I’m sure of it. Style wise I would say Awake is a progressive pop rock effort. John Cooper does not bless us with any screams, but more with lyrics that resonate to more of the general market audience. There are many “Christian” themes on this record that point us toward loving people that get on our nerves but I believe this album speaks to a hurting world. I am very pleased to say that this record is one of the best pieces of music I’ve heard in 09.

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