Project 86 – Picket Fence Cartel


Written Brandon Ryan

When I first listened to the new Project 86 album; Picket Fence Cartel I didn’t really like it. It seemed like a re-packaged version of their previous album Rival Factions. But when I listened to it again, I noticed things I never noticed the first time. The guitars, according to my listening ear, remind me of Thrice and Pantera. Take for example the songs Destroyer and The Butcher. I think these are songs that will be crowd favorites. My favorite song is the Destroyer, simple because Andrew Schawb sounds dangerously close to Marilyn Manson! I dig it. Picket Fence Cartel is an over all good effort, but I am hoping that in the future, the band would perhaps pull out all the stops and return to the heavier roots of the early years. Best of luck for this on rock radio and the charts.

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