Pillar – Confessions


Written Brandon Ryan

What Can I say about Pillar that hasn’t been said before. The first song I ever heard from was FireProof. It came armed with a crunchy guitars that had me hooked. I was instantly a fan, and have been ever since. With this album a word that comes to mind is change. Pillar has known change, regardless of their sound or the band-mates that make up this four piece group of talent. With their sixth studio album, Confessions, they’ve changed it all up! New band members, new producer and over all new sound.

The first track, my favorite, Starts off with a riff made that me think perhaps the guitar player from Disturbed was a guest on the album. The second track (Whatever it Takes) keeps a steady progression, and new drummer, Taylor Carroll showcases his ability to display a nice groove. The third song and lead single (Secrets And Regards) is easily a song that could be sang and performed by Papa Roach. Pillar has always been a band thats carried a strong conviction to stand firm for what they believe in. This carries over onto this album as well, with songs such as Not Without A Fight And You Are Not The End.


What stands out the most in my eyes are the the two rock-ballads Better Off Now and Will You Be There. These two songs have the finger prints of Rob Graves all over them. They both have very beautiful string arrangements which transcends the likes of Grammy nominated RED. Who I should note is also produced by Rob Graves. Overall you have a nice mix of heavy and progressive on this album with a hand full of songs that could very well be chart smashers. Honestly, I think the entire album has the capability of going gold.

However there are two things that leave me scratching my head. The second to last song on the album is a cover by Collective Soul. It’s none other than their radio friendly hit song Shine. I love this song, and the band does a good job but it is my belief that this song does not fit on this album. it just doesn’t blend with all of the other songs. While its good. I feel it may have just been put on there to fill space. The second concern is, with a album name like Confessions I was expecting a bit more vulnerability from the primary song writers. This pains me to say because I know that Pillar poured their hearts into this. I’m still in waiting for the band to put out a record that is more blatant about their own personal struggles. I think, with all do respect to the bands ability and vigor I have yet to hear the band create the best album of their career.

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