Our Last Night – We Will All Evolve


Reviewed by Nate Smith

This record is Heavy. With a mix of screamo, hardcore, punk and metal, Our Last Night brings it so heavy even your mom would be terrified. The easiest way to describe this record would be to take Boys Night Out, Thrice, Thursday, and Matchbook Romance and let them fight it our UFC stye. After listening to track 1, “Elephants”, I was drawn in and I couldn’t wait to hear the rest of their sophomore release.

Track 2 opens with the piano, an unexpected sound to hear on a record like this. It instantly heads into the land of screaming and innovative interludes. I could only picture this band live. I am willing to bet their crazy, all over the stage, and the energy must be unbelievable. This track is such a mix of styles that any listener should be happy.

“Across the Ocean” starts with another softer intro but takes it so heavy no chain could hold this rock. The guitar is intricate and flawless on this song. These guys could give story of the year a run for their money any day. “Deceiver’, track 5, shows off with the screamo style at its finest. The vocals are gruffly and low with a chorus that is all out no holds barred delicious. At 1:15 the bass drives a quick interlude that is a nice break from all the screaming and guitars.

Track 6, ‘The Devil Inside of You” is heavy from the get go and never backs down. The guitarists are working together like 2 men on a well planned bank robbery. I love this track and it definitely stands out from the rest of the record. The range of the vocalist is exhibited during the chorus. It’s surprising and a hidden treat on a record of this nature.

“The Distance is Destroying me” may be one of the heaviest sounding tracks on this release. The guitar’s are all over the map and make it so pleasing to my ears I’d highly suggest giving it a listen. This song has the best mix of screaming and singing on the record. Track 8 , “Carry me to Safety” describes exactly what one would fell in this war zone of a song. Although I don’t enjoy the use of the double bass drum pedal this track has used it with precaution and makes it perfectly suited for this song.

“Into the future” opens with a lick that reminds me of every Sum 41 record. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was picked as a single from this record. This is my favorite track from “We will all Evolve” and showcases all their different musical influences. The screaming is still there but is not the main focus.

Overall the screaming and vocals are evenly intertwined on this record. A listener can actually understand what they are saying which is different from so many of the generic screamo bands. The guitar work is intricate and surprising being that the average age of this band is 19. This release may be Epitaph’s best release this year.

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