Our Lady Peace – Burn Burn


written by Nate Smith

I can remember the first time I saw Our Lady Peace in 1997. They opened up for Everclear in Lawrence Kansas. I was blown away with their stage presence and loved the way their music came across live. After seeing them and knowing they could pull off all their songs live I became a fan for life. Fast Forward 12 years and I find myself feeling the same way. When I first heard about the release of their new record Burn Burn, I was stoked. I could not wait to hear the new music from this Canadian Rock Band. The opening track, All you did was Save my life, reminds of one of why rock and roll will never die. It begins with a slow guitar building up with vocals to an explosive chorus that it so familiar on all the Our Lady Peace Records.


This record was different from their other releases because they produced the record themselves and were finally free of a label. This gave them the opportunity to be able to have complete creative control. The singer Raine Maida’s voice is so unique that every note could be compared to love at first site. The themes of religion and life are present as always in the lyrics of Our Lady Peace. On Paper Moon the guitar solo by Steve Mazur, who joined the band in 2002, makes you tingle throughout your spine. Whether you are a die hard fan or new to Our Lady Peace don’t pass up Burn Burn.

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