One for the Team – Ghosts


Reviewed by Nate Smith

As we venture more and more into the digital age, it seems that bands strive for audible perfection. They want to record their music all digitally and fix every last little thing. Ghosts, the new album by One for the Team was recorded all on tape; I love it. Ian Anderson, (the singer) had this to say about their unique direction. “Nowadays you can make everything perfect during the recording process, but you can’t do that on tape. The way it is, is the way it is and that was really important to us as a band.”

The album opens up with “I’ve been here so long.” Kicked off with slow melodic guitar and vocals, it builds up to the perfect; reminiscent of early Weezer and the classic 90’s alternative sound. The guitar tone is already raw and fuzzy. It sounds so real that I am willing to bet this record captures their live sound. “Every Little Thing” is simple and could easily be the background to any action movie where the hero gets the girl. It hits you hard at the 55 second mark and never backs down. The guitars, the keyboard, the drums; you couldn’t ask for more. This song makes buying the record worth it by itself. With a track written so well one knows the rest of the album must be great.

My favorite track from Ghosts is “Best Supporting Actress.” The bass line drives the verses while a wall of guitars brings up the chorus. The constant synthesizer in the background reminds me of the 80’s where the synthesizer ruled the music world. The background vocals of Grace Fiddler, who plays synthesizer and sings, brings a refreshing blend to every song on this record. And track 7, “Ancient Age” just plain rocks.

This record is a fresh little gem to find in 2010. Tell all your friends or buy 2 copies and give one away. If someone would pay me a dollar for every well written song on this record, then I’d have $10 bucks.

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