Oak and Gorski – Love Destroyer


Reviewed by Nate Smith

It’s not often that I venture away from the Punk Rock I love so much. Sometimes, when I am trying to relax before or bed or reading I like to play some music that’s soothing to the soul. Oak and Gorski bring just that. This duo who, performs in Downtown Disney regularly, brings the perfect blend of cello and acoustic guitar. I would like to think of it as Yellowcard meets Simon and Garfunkel in the back of a taxi driven by Neil Young.

The record begins with “If I could tell” and when I heard it for the first time I was instantly hooked. I had to hear the rest of the album. The piano, cello, and acoustic guitar were woven together so well my ears weren’t sure which one to focus on. The dual vocals are great as the 2 voices contrast each other so well. The best example of this is heard on “Mountains.” Music is so often driven by guitar that it nice to hear a track that is really vocal driven. I bet live their harmonies are just as perfect as on the cd.

The lyrics throughout the record tell stories and really paint a picture of the things we can enjoy in life if we just pay attention. The finger picking on “Burn the Bridge” reminds me of Neil Young. In fact I can hear a lot of Neil Young in the lyrics and music. This track is also my favorite on the record. So head to local record store if you’re old school like me or to Itunes and pick up this record of genius.

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