New Found Glory – Not Without a Fight


Written Nate Smith

With bands that have been around for a long time one never knows what to expect with a new record. With a new label (Epitaph Records) and a new record New Found Glory are back better than ever. When I first received a copy of the new record titled, Not Without a Fight, I was in love with the artwork. With a war motif and a fight theme throughout the lyric book it gave me a sense that New Found Glory was ready to take me on in their own UFC fight.

pressphoto1lowresThe opening track , Right Where we Left Off, is so powerful you can’t wait to hear the rest of the cd. It’s a great name for an opening track. I will note that Jordan’s vocals are sounding better every record. The whininess that we came so familiar with on their first few records has been thrown out the window and a new powerful vocal presence dominates this album. Listen to Your Friends, track 3, tells a story of waking up in an emergency room not realizing where you are or what happened exactly. My favorite track is Truck Stop Blues, track 5. I can relate to the lyrics talking about long drives and telephone calls. Anyone that’s ever spent some time on the road will appreciate these lyrics. Not to mention its one of the faster tracks on the album. The production on this album gives every instrument a chance to breathe. A little known fact is that Mark Hoppus from Blink 182 helped produce it. Overall I chalk this album as the best punk rock record of 2009!! If your love their old stuff than this is the album for you!!

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