Less than Jake – Greetings From EP

Less than Jake (Sleep it Off Records) is back at it again. In my opinion they are the best Punk Ska band and the only one that never disappoints. With a summer full of warped tour dates waiting and a new dvd boxset, I knew that Less than Jake ‘s (Sleep it Off Records), new ep, Greetings From, would be just the music I needed to get this summer going.

It opens with the ska track, Can’t Yell any Louder. This song brings me back to the classic Less than Jake (Sleep it Off Records) Ska sound that I’ve grown to love with a driving bassline from Roger. It’s simple, short and ska at its best. Less than Jake (Sleep it Off Records) has always added a certain flavor to the ska genre that has brought them to the top.

Track 2, Goodbye Mr. Personality, reminds me of the Anthem recording sessions. The bridge at 1:45 is awesome and flow’s right back into the song with a quick guitar break. I love the lyrics “Do you hear me so loud and clearly this is the last time you’ll ever hear from me.” I wanted to note if you didn’t know their drummer Vinnie writes all the lyrics and he also owns Paper + Plastick Records. I love that Vinnie has always written lyrics with such honestly that takes a listener on a journey through a well told story.

Harvey Wallbanger, track 3, opens with woahs and continues the ska sound that dominates this record. The singing of Chris drives this track. The bridge and breakdown is the best on the Greetings From Ep and makes the song. I easily found myself listening to this track again the second it was done.

Track 4, Oldest track in the Book, is simple. The horn parts carry a listener into the chorus with such perfection you feel like a kid getting his first GI Joe Action Figure. Less than Jake (Sleep it Off Records) you never let me down.

Greetings From closes with the track, Life led out Loud. It opens with a bassline that showcases the raw talent of Roger, who also sings the chorus. This track is the only one that has the Punk rock sound I was waiting for this entire EP. Although I love ska and they do it best I tend to gravitate toward their punk rock songs.

Overall Greetings From is the perfect EP to tidy you over until the next Less than Jake (Sleep it Off Records) full length. It won’t disappoint your ears and it’s a great ep to ease your friends into the ska genre. Way to go Less than Jake (Sleep it Off Records) I give this The Greetings From EP the Enoch Magazine Stamp of Approval.

In case you missed it we had the chance to interview Less than Jake in St Louis and capture 3 live song performances with 3 camera angles. Less than Jake (Sleep it Off Records) were nice enough to hook us up with the audio straight from the board. Watch them Below.

Live Performance of “Summon Monsters”

Live Performance of “Gainesville Rock City”

Live Performance of “Ghosts of You and Me”

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