Flyleaf – Momento Mori


written by Brandon Ryan

Flyleaf is a band that has really taken the music industry by storm, while not an exclusive Christian band, they manage to keep one foot in the mainstream and the other in the Christian Market. They have a style all their own, their debut album went platinum which is something that is un-heard of anymore in the industry.

After a four year break fans all across the world awaited and twittled their thumbs hoping to hear the slightest bit of news concerning a new record. Ait one point I thought they had fallen off the face of the earth. Just when you began to think that was true they come back with something called “Memento Mori.” The title is derived from a Latin phrase meaning: Remember you will die. Upon hearing the album name, I had the thought that this album would be something deep and thought provoking.Just the phrase alone makes you think about your own life.

But what about the music? Did it come anywhere close to topping the previous self titled album? Well, I’d like to think so. If you’re thinking that this album is a mere repeat of their first effort, you are in for something different. You just might have to ask yourself is this the same band. The music is a bit heavier and brighter, James Hartmann is simply amazing on the drums on every track and Pat Seals rips apart each track with very heavy bass lines. While Sameer and Jared on guitar keep things in between heavy and light, Lacey screams but twice on this album. This might be a let down to some fans, however her vocal range on “Momento Mori” is such a joy to listen to. She really pours herself out on songs such as; Missing and Arise.

Memento Mori was said to be a roller coaster ride by the band, and I’d have to say that it’s truth. Lyrically speaking this album is very layered with depth, and if you take the time to honesty listen to the words, you’ll start to feel like your heart is stuck inside a pin ball machine. The only dull moment on this CD, is the fact that the opening track: Beautiful Bride, does not fit very well with the rest of the album. The name of thing song is beautiful, but I think maybe it should have been left off the record or maybe re-worked all together. It really lacked in great soul moving capability. Over all, I give this album an eight.nine out of ten stars.

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