Fireflight – For Those Who Wait


written by Brandon Ryan

FireFlight is a band that has had a roar of success. Their first two albums had great appeal in Christian and general markets alike. After two hard rocking albums, how does a band continue to keep the fire burning and ears open?

When I received the advanced copy of their new album “For those who wait” I saw that the disc was purple and so full of colors. The band wearing all black, which would make Johnny Cash, the man in black, proud. This album has great progressive energy, and very encouraging messages in every song. It could very well be an album for those who like a band that blurs the lines between heavy and pop rock. Dawn’s vocal range stretches pretty far and carries a sense of urgency that is very contagious.

I like this album but I’m afraid that its more of the same sound as their previous albums with different song names. While I don’t mind listening to this album, in my eyes it falls short of any kind of new creative direction. The songs seem so toned down and I kept turning up my stereo just so it could get louder. And with songs like “Permanent Addiction” it reminds me in all honesty of just another version of “My Obsession” or “Better than Drugs by Skillet.

I know there is a lot of pressure to stay relevant as artists, but I think FireFlight should seriously go back to the drawing board and bring back a sound that can really set them apart from the other bands in their genre. It seems just as I get into the album it’s all ready coming to a close. Overall, this would be a great album for teenagers who just want something to relate to.

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