Falling Up – Fangs


Written Brandon Ryan

Let me start off by saying, that I’ve followed the music of Falling Up since their very first record. Back then they were doing back flips off each-other and bringing a certain amount of energy and stage presence that most bands couldn’t. That’s not to take away from any other band who bring a great live show though. Over the years the band has gone through plenty of line up changes, which I think causes a sound change in their music.

Falling Up has always been a band in my eyes that never went along with the trends in the music industry. To me they’ve been trying to bring the 80’s back, but who knows. The sound of the new album Fangs, Released on BEC recordings March 24th, closely mirrors their previous album. What saddens me is that on the first 6 songs I could barely make up what lead singer Jessy Ribordy is saying. Which mainly could be because I didn’t have lyrics available with my download from Itunes or maybe because the lyrics could not be found online. And I’m not saying that’s anyones fault, but a lot of times Ribordy’s voice seems canned. During these first six songs I found the different musical layers amazing because when you throw on headphones you can always hear something new. The next half of the album gets somewhat heavy and progressive with very well polished guitar riffs. After track 6 Jessy Ribordy’s voice clears up and sounds great.. Strange how that works out. In the long run, I would love to see the band break away from a lot of the SCI-Fi sounding stuff and make a balls to the wall rock record. I’d buy this album if you are true music lover, strictly for the musical aspects of the album.

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