Veda Hille – This Riot Life

After what seems like a myriad of clocks being destroyed by the second, I finally got into the club. The line was long and clustered but I finally got in after I paid the man my 6 bucks. My green wristband, which proved I could legally consume alcohol, was eating away at my arm. The bouncer had put it on too tight. I would have told him to loosen and re-fasten but his Dokken sleeveless tee-shirt informed me, he was a man not to be reckoned with.

As Veda Hille took the stage, the first notes of “Ace of Nazarene” eased my mind. This was a place a man could grab a drink. I considered grabbing the bartender by the ears and slapping him in the face, saying, “Listen here you idiot! Veda Hille is playing and I like her music.” This thought left as he handed me a Pabst “Tall Boy.” Did I order it? I can’t remember? As Veda began to sing out “Sleepers,” I realized I was in accord with this pack of hyenas. In fact, they all were clutching these Tall Boys; even the woman. As the ice-cold beer burnt a hole in my hand, strange yet soothing words consumed my mind through my ears. “I am made of iron – iron maiden bleeder, don’t you know how fast I can run, 100 meters, I will not martyr, I will not martyr.”

As I held my tall boy up in Salute, she gave me a wink. I felt like a kid who had just been caught by his mother, and I had to return the gummy worms I had just stolen! In a desperate attempt to regain composure, I quickly bought the cd off the merch table and headed for the door.

This was my experience of the Veda Hille CD, this Riot Life.


Veda Hille is Canadian. She makes music you can relax, too…

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