Underoath – The Sound of Seperation

Written by Brandon Ryan

In order for me to write this review, I did something that I never do when writing my own thoughts on a bands latest effort: I allowed myself to read other reviews and see what other magazines thought of Underoath’s new album LLost In The Sound Of Separation. Hard Music Magazine said that their latest effort was good. Not great, stunning, amazing or anything near that. I, on the other hand, think this eleven song album is nothing short of amazing, and I’ll tell you why…

On this record, the band lets it all hang out, they all wear their hearts on their sleeves so the entire music world can see and hear. Not saying that the band hasn’t on previous efforts, but it seemed to me that lyrically they seemed comfortable having an entire CD filled with desperation and relying on something bigger. This CD is full of brokenness. The first line of the first song is “I’m the desperate and you’re the savior.” When I first heard this, I was taken back because its such a simple line, yet it is so bold and demands our hearts attention. Lost In The Sound Of Separation is heavy and beautiful and comforting, (like a Psalm!). And make no mistake about it, God is all over this album. More so then any other effort I believe.

There comes a time in every profession when we question the labor and efforts we pour into things we love. Like the teacher in Ecclesiastes, we question “all our work from under the sun.” Is what we do really effecting the life of another human being? But I think the guys in Underoath can lay their heads down at night and close their eyes, because every member is a mega-phone, communicating the heart of Jesus Christ throughout all humanity. This is something to be proud of for the band, and I would even say that regardless of whether or not you are a believer, agnostic or atheist, this CD will leave you breathless and allow you to step back and question your own existence.

“You said there was nothing left down here/ well I roamed around the waist land/ And I swear I found something/ I found hope, I found God/ I found the dreams of the believers/…Oh, God save us all.”

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