Since October – This is my Heart

Written by Brandon Ryan

Since October is a band full of aggression and passion. Their debut record This is My Heart was produced by Travis Wyrick and Marcos Curiel of Payable On Death. The album starts off with an amazing bass line that really is in its own league, I mean you can’t even begin to compare it to the likes of Tool or A Perfect Circle. It was the first thing that caught my attention, and even my Dad had to chime in: “Tell them Dad said it’s freakin awesome,” he said.

Since October is almost like another version of the popular rock band Disciple. However, its so much more than that too. I’d go as far as to say that they have similarities to Trapt and Disturbed. This album has several spiritual layers. Dealing with the struggle between God’s love for all of us, and our ability to accept it.

Since October has done a crafty job with this first effort, but after listening to the album a few times, I can hear them trying to fit the mold of other rock bands of today. They have the ability to be the next big thing in rock n roll. Its very tough now ah days to get airplay on the radio, but “This is My Heart” is a record that I would honestly say was created to be something listeners will come back to in times of spiritual haziness, for comfort and solace.

Since October is:
Ben Graham vocals
Luke Graham guitar
Josh Johnson bass
Audie Grantham drums

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