One Day As A Lion – EP

Written by Brandon Ryan

So my sister sent me a $20 iTunes gift card. With it, I bought One Day As A Lion, the latest project of Zack De La Rocha (singer of Rage Against The Machine). The project is only a 4 song EP, but its hit single “Wild International” has been getting a ton of airplay here on local rock stations. And why wouldn’t it? It’s catchy, filled with simple guitar riffs, and Zack ripping up the track with rhymes only he can create.

But I’m glad this is probably only a one-time thing, because the four song disc, in my opinion, is a one hit wonder. And Zack is still spiting out his political views, not that this is bad per say. But I’d say that those rants need to stay with one band and one band only, and that’s Rage Against The Machine. I assumed with this project, given the amount of time De La Rocha spent away from the music seen, that one would have a change of heart about the world and life. Not so much. So, with that being said, if you are a fan of “Rage,” perhaps buy this small effort. But I say, long live Rage Against The Machine.

One Day As A Lion is: Zack de la Rocha
(vocals / keyboards)
Jon Theodore

Check them out on myspace!

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  1. brokencityradio says:

    “…filled with simple guitar riffs…”

    That’s all keyboard run through a guitar amp, note how there is no guitarist listed in the band. Easy mistake to make, but a bit more research would have been good.

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