Capital Lights – This is an Outrage

Written by Brandon Ryan

Capital Lights’ debut album This Is An Outrage, Is just that, an outrage. Understand that I am an avid believer in the beauty of pop/rock bands such as: Number One Gun, Anberlin, Run Kid Run etc. But this CD really got under my skin, like the annoying kid that runs his finger nails across a chalkboard. The band has shades of the once popular Blink 182, which I never liked until they got away from the child like act and wrote more significant music with weight and substance. Honestly this effort by Capital Lights is far to bright and peppy for me, which is probably why I could only listen to it up track six.

But don’t take what I say as the end all say all, decide for yourself, and give it a listen. And if you like it, consider yourself blessed and go seem them live or something. Encourage them, maybe even tell them to switch styles.

Capital Lights is:

Brett Admire
Bryson Phillips
Michael Phillips
Jonathan Williams

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  1. OK so 2 things:
    First, I’m really happy you are writing for us right now, Brandon, we need more like you who can see this vision! But just know that you making a comment about Blink 182 has now offended Nate, so be ready for a (friendly) conversation about that…..I think he disagreed with this whole review….

    Second, I went to Capital’s sight, and listened to their music…i actually liked the “outrage” song….but I probably wouldn’t have even bothered had you not given them a bad review….so “fair play!”

  2. Nate says:

    I think all of Blink 182’s albums were great.You have to respect the early Blink182 to be able to enjoy the newer cds.Thats terrible you couldnt even finish the cd. what if the rest of the tracks were great. I think capitol lights have a solid sound and the cd is enjoyable.

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