Blowing Trees – Self Titled


 Its not often I put in a cd and I’m not sure what is going on.

 The year was 2047, my spaceship was before me as I recharged the gastropic pressure. Gasoline was no longer needed to run the automobile. Just add some gastrophic pressure and I could fly it or days. Yes, that’s right the so called cars of the previous generations cease to exist. A noise, ever so loud, in fact deafening, was coming from this strange looking man next to me.  My name is Blowing Trees and I’m from the year 2008!” He said. I have come to bring you the music from the past that will set the path for future generations. This music has traveled far through time from San Antonio, Texas.

 I  listened as Blowing Trees told me the music on this cd would change my life. The music would take me on a journey to the outer realms of space and back. My mind would see the mysteries and hear things that only God himself can fathom.

 Then as quick as Speed Racer, Blowing Trees was gone.I was left with a wonderful black boom box that would emit music one might call mysterious; music full of flavorful mind boggling guitar. As I listened to the song Goodnite Lungs” My breath could barely fall from my lips as the song came to a close. I was in awe.

 I could only remember this day as “The day the World Left me” I would never be the same again. The excitement of sharing my new discovery with the others could barely be contained.


Blowing Trees are a 4 piece from San Antonio, Texas. They unique sound has attracted buzz around the United States. Look for them on their upcoming US Tour. 

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  1. Derrich says:

    Great write up. These guys are definitely great. One other band from San Antonio you should check out is Girl In A Coma. For now, those are our claims to fame with more to come.

  2. jordan key says:

    very interesting write up, ove the band and your writing style wonderful use of words

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