Between the Two – The Depths of You

BAND: Between the Two | SONG: Deeper Still

When the 80’s meets the 90’s people often think of grunge. But what if you mixed the sound of 80’s metal and 90’s alternative? Then on your plate would lie "The Depths of You" by Between the Two.  As the cd opens you’re not sure what to expect. You can feel right away the influence of 80’s metal. It can make one want to wish they had long hair. I immediately found myself in line at the 1984 Ozzy concert shelling out my hard earned 25 bucks for a tee-shirt. The sales person asked me for an extra $10 and if I wanted to buy a commemorative bandanna; I said "No" ’cause I needed the money for the upcoming Metal Fest Concert.

Their musical tightness is put together like a nice pair of spandex jumpsuit pants David Lee Roth wore on the 83 Diver Down, Van Halen Tour.

I was awoken from my flashback as the lyrics from track 3 reminded me of the woman I love.

Throughout the cd the 80’s influenced guitar solos make me want to plug my guitar into a Marshall jcm 900 amp and rock the walls off my house.

By the end of the Cd I was ready to press play again and  relive the glory days of the last 25 minutes of my life.


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  1. Amanda Colaizzi says:

    I LOVE these guys!!

    They not only make killer music together,
    but they are awesome performers,
    And AMAZING people…

    They are totally worth checking out,
    & if you choose not to…
    i highly believe that you are missing out on something great!! 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    These boys are some of the coolest guys you’ll ever meet.
    They are amazing people and musicians.
    I love their CD.
    My favouite song is definately Constance.

    You should really check them out!

  3. Nate says:

    I think the cd is pretty good i hope it takes everyone back to the 80’s

  4. Rich says:

    This review is really funny, but I have the cd and it never made me think 80’s or 90’s. I guess music can be interpreted differently by each listener. I will say that Between the Two definitely know how to rock and will give you 25 minutes of gloriousness, no matter what decade of music you like.

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