Anarbor – The Natural Way

Written by Courtney Fry

Living in Australia can be tough when it comes to finding new bands. I miss out on the endless amount of small club gigs, the churn-out of several local bands per-day and crucial up-and-comers at Warped Tour. I think that my small, Australian town has produced a very limited amount of decent bands. Shows that I can actually attend without a fake ID are even more scarce. But at least we have good surfing, eh?

As soon as I was thrown the chance to review the latest release of the Arizona outfit, Anarbor, I lapped it up like a thirsty puppy. Blown down by the catchy beats and vocals that make me slightly weak at the knees, Anarbor won me over completely with my first ever exposure to the 5-piece band. It was refreshing to have a bit of a vocal change from the generic nasally whine that I had experienced from countless pop/rock/indie bands floating around today. (Not to say that I don’t enjoy that music, but it’s good to have something different to jive to.) Also, the inclusion of a female bassist intrigued and appealed to me even more, girls need to get out there and show those boys who’s boss! The very enjoyable, hard to put down release The Natural Way, by Anarbor, is out now on Hopeless Records. If I was in America, (which I am not, and that sucks) I would definitely be going to one of their shows. Oh well, at least I have Bindi Irwin, kangaroos and my surf-break…did I mention I don’t actually surf?

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  1. dan says:

    Wow.. thanks for turning me on to these guys. They are amazing.

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